Basic guide for beginners in website marketing: Stop buying stuff!

Definitely there is no question about it. There is money on the internet.  Even there are so many ways to make money online. And if you aren’t doing it yet, it’s like you’re missing the boat!

Millions of information products like ebooks etc. are sold on the internet based on the single compelling gospel: earn money quickly!  Make money quickly even from the comforts of your home.  And for a beginner eager to do internet marketing,  it’s a temptation not so easy to resist.

It’s nice that internet marketing has produced so many millionaires.
Definitely, we would like to be one of them soon of course, if at all it’s possible.

There is just one basic problem about internet millionaires though.  We get to hear from them first hand only from the information products they are selling. Their stories, sort of rags-to-riches type, are written just from their own point of view. We are hard put to confirm the completeness of their accounts from independent sources.

Their marketing promotion is of basically the same tune and it runs something like this: “I have perfected a marketing system that makes so much money online in a record time.   My marketing strategies have been proven to really work. If I can do it, you can do it too! ”

Well, we don’t dismiss any of their claims to successful marketing. In fact, we accept them without question sometimes. Thus, so many of us beginners have fallen prey to well-researched  marketing advertisements.  Their entire promotional programs are based on extensive marketing research databases. Such a solid business strategy can only result in the conversion of a hesitant customer into a willing consumer in an instant.

We have to read between so many lines in order to find the complete truth in internet marketing. That means we have to search wide into so many webpages in so many websites. Buried deep in the internet are the other half of their success stories.  Because the fact is they became success stories, a lot of them at least, only after years of serious work  and hard labour. We can sense that initially their internet marketing ventures were “failures”. Theirs were not an overnight success, period.

It is a therefore a  pleasant breath of fresh air when the basic rule for beginners in internet marketing is  announced: Stop buying stuff!  Do not buy into any online business opportunity unless of course you  have a good understanding of what you are buying into and why.

Video Lesson #5 in Eric’s Tips blog is the source of this wisdom to which every beginner in internet marketing should heed; if only for their own good.  Eric’s tips also has in store other very  helpful and inspiring video tutorial lessons, 23 in all as of this writing. All of them are entirely free to watch!  And many more valuable video tutorials will be found in Eric’s site soon.

As in life, there are good internet marketers and there are not so good ones. Eric’s site stands out because his lessons bear the mark not only of a successful internet marketer but also that of a very honest person and very able teacher as well.

There is this part of internet marketing that really fascinates us. All internet marketing beginners are in a certain stage of “development”. Depending on which stage you are in, you definitely can profit, most of it at no cost, in the field of internet marketing no matter how competitive the field is. It only requires an open mind, an open heart and a stout commitment. And everybody just ought to have it.

One thought on “Basic guide for beginners in website marketing: Stop buying stuff!”

  1. This is the most informative, easy to understand, detailed,friendly and best of all honest website for Internet Marketing for beginners and proffesssionals I’ve ever seen.
    I’ve had downloaded lots of good softwares and inspirational ebooks without even paying for it.(I think this is just two months old, and they’re not quite done building this website). Which I think they really did a great job! I learned so much from this site. The values of Life, Hardwork,and Ways on how to make money working from at home over on the Internet.
    I love the system! There is nothing else like this! Thank you so much!!!

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