Basic search engine optimization

Before I created my first website, I never bothered to know what search engine optimization really means. It sounded so technical to me then. From the word “optimization” I thought it meant something like the efficiency of google, for example, to find the webpages that cater to the search terms people typed in the google search box. Of course, this understanding is rather simplistic as I found out this year.

As an internet researcher, my only concern is to arrive at the right web sites giving the type of information or data I need. My only remaining problem is to judge whether the information returned by the google search pages are accurate or if the data come with integrity. For this reason, I normally would dig deep into the google search results up to 500th page if necessary to get to where I want.

Why SEO is necessary

Becoming a webmaster and an online internet marketer this year had me on a frenzy trying to learn the basics of search engine optimization or SEO for short. Just what is SEO? And what’s the necessity of doing so?

As a beginner in web site marketing, my first lessons in search engine optimization came from sales propaganda of veteran internet marketers. And from the way they write the sales letters and “one-time-offers that ends at midnight tonight”, you would tend to believe them outright. Well, I guess this is usually true for any real beginner in internet marketing who wants to make money online fast.

The first step in earning money online through website marketing is to have more traffic to your site. Your website should be found by people who are looking for your products or services. And this is possible only if your web pages would land in the topmost page of the
search engine ranking results when people do the search. This is the goal of SEO because most people just don’t bother to look at the rest of the million pages or even the next 50 pages beyond the first page results.

Key to free web traffic

To an internet marketer who owns a website search engine optimization simply means doing basic things and applying various strategies in order for your website to land at the top of search engine results for those keywords that your web site is all about. Since web traffic is one key to internet success I now understand why most website owners will employ the services of an SEO consultant or a website optimization firm. To get increasing web traffic or to increase the number of visitors your website must have high search engine rankings.

So now this explains it: why research on the internet would take longer for some topics of interest. When you do some research on a topic which has great commercial value, the websites that you will see first on the search engine results are those which are “optimized” to make a sale. Those that give more useful information and pertinent data but don’t bother to make a sale may be hard to reach. Unless you would know the exact terms or keywords for your search.

I’m so glad though that Google has its own guarded secrets for how web sites are ranked . And that this changes so often and nobody has a clue or what the formula Google is using for calculating search engine rankings. Thanks to honest veteran internet marketers among the gurus who tell the beginners in website marketing to just don’t waste so much time on SEO because it changes more often that the weather does. And that nobody would ever know or track how it changes.

How to begin to rank high in Google search engine – for free

But course if Google comes up with a nice, concise document giving us its authoritative Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and which Google did about a week ago, then we take the time to read and devour. It is time well-spent indeed.

And finally the word is now out – at least to me.Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is so clear and unmistakable in the topic for which it is silent. The Guide specifically tells us that making use of “title” tags and “description” meta tags are important for search engine optimization. However, the “keyword” meta tag is not even mentioned.

So it means that I don’t have to add keyword meta tags in all the webpages of my own useful website for beginners in internet marketing. The keyword meta tag used to be very valuable in the past and most websites still have those tags.

The Google SEO Starter Guide is a really gem and all beginners in internet marketing should have it. As with most resources offered by Google it is free and costs entirely nothing. Besides the SEO Guide points to other helpful and free(!) resources for webmasters. Google Webmaster Tools will evaluate your site if there are broken links or missing pages and other errors. Google Analytics is a great tool if you want to know where your visitors come from and how they got to your site and many other valuable details. These free resources are what every beginner should be using to improve their chances of online success in website internet marketing.

There are still several things I need to do for my own website to be optimized for the search engines. Alas, laziness rather than lack of knowledge is the limiting factor for many internet marketing beginners!

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