Emotions Make The Sales

Purchase a particular brand of cereal or hotdog and your children will think you’re the best parent ever.

Use a specific shampoo or shaving product and you’ll exude sex appeal.

Shop at a certain department store and you’ll enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.

Logic dictates that these things simply are not so, but marketing campaigns that work are built around these concepts and they are successful.

People buy into these advertisements and prove it with their expenditures of choice all the time.

Why is it that these marketing campaigns work even for average products when more reasonable, yet traditional advertising methods might fall short?

The answer lies on a well-known fact of human nature. People buy based on their emotions and justify it based on reasons.

It is a fact that marketing campaigns that appeal to people on an emotional, or subconscious, level can have a huge impact. Logic may tell consumers one thing, but their emotions will drive them forward to act any way.

It seems that most people are simply programmed to respond to certain cues. When the triggers for these cues are tripped through marketing campaigns or other efforts, people will act positively.

Unfortunately, how to market successfully in this manner is that easy to learn. If they were, every product out there would be a top seller.

But when the right strategies are understood and put in place, however, marketing campaigns based on the power of emotional appeals can topple over the competition.

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