Website Tracking Enhances Performance

Website analysis and tracking tools offer you relevant statistics to measure and improve the performance of your website.  With the help of these tools, you can identify, isolate and diagnose performance problems that may originate from your network, your server or any application running on your website.

As a business manager, do you realize that your website is an extension of your business?  As such, your website therefore is a constant evolving project which has no date of completion. If you invested a lot of money into building and creating your website, you must not fail to dedicate an ongoing effort to develop and improve your site.

Once your website is up and running, the task of website development has just begun. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your site. You need to monitor your website and understand what is happening.

Too often you need to make changes to your website but you have to track down the effects of these changes. Did the change improve or decrease your site’s performance?  By identifying performance bottlenecks, you can improve the shopping experience of your visitors. This will lead to increased conversion rates and higher return on your investment.

Free Online Website Tracking Tools

Website tracking tools are normally included in most good webhosting plans. Just log on to your webhost’s cpanel and you can monitor the number of visits and unique visitors to your site, where they come from, the keywords the type in the search, what browsers they’re using and other useful metrics.

There’s another free tool that does all of the above and more: Google Analytics. If you’re doing online advertising through the Google Adwords system, then Google Analytics is the excellent tool to track your  site conversion.

Another excellent and free online website tracking tool is Google Webmaster Tools. It takes only one step to set it up and  soon you’ll learn how Google views and indexes your site and learn of potential problems.  For example, how fast your site is loading for the last 90 days is among the metrics found in Google Webmaster Tools. Knowing this metric will allow to further improve your site’s performance.

Tracking the performance metrics of your website maybe the best online success strategy you can apply anytime and the good news is that the best software for this purpose is available for free.

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