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Success Strategies for Real Internet Marketing Beginners

The future for internet marketing beginners is bright!

The world wide web is going to stay. The web, or the internet as it's more popularly referred to, is not a passing fad. Rather it has become a backbone of our modern society through which we communicate, conduct business, and entertain ourselves.

The best time to join internet marketing would have been in the mid 1990s; the short years before the dot com bubble burst.

Those lucky ones describe that era of the internet as the scene of mad or easy money. Venture capitalists were shelling out huge money even to those without any viable business model.

Another ideal time to have entered webmarketing was during the turn-around that occured after the burst. Almost any field was a "niche" market; many internet millionaires were born then.

Now however, with maybe more than a hundred million websites, you must be clever enough to spot your "niche" in this virtual universe to earn your first million online. Sounds difficult? But many people claim that it is not hard to make good money online - that is, if you, as a beginner, persist in your learning about internet marketing.

Today is a great day to join the internet market

Fortunately, if you aren't looking yet for your first million; if you are just looking for your golden opportunity on the internet, then today is the right time to create your website and begin your online business.

Why? As of September 2006 it is estimated that there are already 1 billion internet users in the world; a mere 16.5% of the earth's population [1].

It is further estimated that another 1 billion users will be added to the internet in the next 10 years [2].

Think of this astronomical and growing market when you think about internet marketing.

Internet markets are growing in the developing world

The same reference [1] points out that world usage of the internet has increased by over 200% between 2000 and 2006. " Yet, in developing countries, usage rates are significantly lower than in developed countries."

There is a growing concern to bridge the "digital divide" separating the two worlds. And everyday we hear about the governments of transition economies increasing their capital investments in information technology so that their respective citizens may avail of the windwall from global e-commerce.

Competition is welcome

The internet market is therefore really huge and there is room for competition everywhere. And this steady market not only thrives in the developed world but there is definitely a growing market available to you even in developing countries!

As the number of world users of the internet grow, the number of "niche" market areas will also increase.

And for every new user entering the webmarket, he or she will input his or her individual value or contribution to the internet. This may multiply the resources and opportunities available for all internet marketers.

Since you may need only at most a few thousands of clients to reach in order to succeed in your online business, there is therefore only room for growth in your chosen field in internet marketing.

Where else can you find this kind of resource which depends only on your core talents, skills and hard work for its riches to be mined?

Quite obviously the first step is to build a website now then find the right webhosting plan to avail of money making opportunities online that abound.


[1] G. Almeida, A. Avila, V. Boncanoska (2006), "Promoting e-Commerce in Developing Countries". DiploFundation,
[2] Darren Waters, Technology Editor, BBC News (2008).

The Useful Strategy Research Team

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