Twitter – everyone’s talking about it. Mostly everyone I know now have twitter accounts. Who else are into the Twitter bandwagon? The media of course. It wouldn’t be a surprise if twitter may become a household word soon – and much faster than Google did.

Will this twitter phenomenon last – that’s the question that comes up. Will Twitter become a permanent feature of the Internet landscape? Or like a fad, twitter will just disappear shortly.

Well, this is a question that will have no certain answer. And it’s also because of the nature of the Internet. The Internet is always evolving and in a way that nobody can really predict its future.

Having said this, there still remains the evidence that Twitter can continue to be a major player in social media for a length of time to come. Twitter has just only now reached the wider public’s consciousness. It has yet to reach the apex of its popularity as suggested by statistical evidence.

Twitter can’t necessarily be the big thing forever. But you can’t also say that Twitter will slip into irrelevancy in the short or mid term either. So if you go with Twitter and work with it for your online marketing efforts for the longer length of time, chances are your efforts will be rewarded greatly!.

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