Just take a look at your list of Twitter following.  Perhaps you’ve already taken a glance at it lately  and you’ve got that feeling…And you ask: Why am I following this guy? Whatsover made him or her to the list of  whom you follow?

Good question. Sometimes you may need to cull your list. Some of them are not only dead  accounts but could be spammers or bots! Culling your following list will help control the “noise” in  your Twitter air. Plus a managed list helps us all  in several ways.

Clean Up Your Twitter List

It helps keep Twitter clean.  Cut the bad guys out. Following bad accounts, dead accounts ,  spammer or bots only encourages faulty behavior.

Cleaning your own following list also provides a service to those who follow you. If you’re following  someone, you’re also endorsing them to your followers. And your followers may just blindly follow  them besides.

Don’t make bad recommendations through your list of following. It doesn’t help your standing.  It is always a useful strategy to take the time to clean up your Twitter house. Keep that someone in your list only if you think the guy would be fit for your network and are contributing to its growth. Might as well abandon the others for good.

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