People do make social connections and discuss issues and ideas – that’s our  nature. And that’s why Twitter works. Its level of dialog gives it a real-time feel.  This could be the reason why the interaction is on a much higher plane than  what we find on blogs.

The above observation has practical consequences –  that’s if you would like to get  the most out of Twitter. How to get the most of it? Become an active  participant in the conversations that are swirling around the Twittersphere you  belong.

Get this from the many people who have finally experienced success with  Twitter after a couple of fits and starts.  They’ll tell you that the secret to getting  everything to fall into place was to stop lurking and start talking instead.

Don’t just become a Twitter wallflower. You’ll find it hard to gain that much  needed momentum to attain success.  Be willing to dig in. Start sharing your  ideas and opinions by asking questions and discussing the observations of  others. That’s how you really get hooked up to the Twitterworld.

Haven’t we heard this strategy applied many times on how to hit it big online?  Everything happens after you take the action. Get into the Twitter conversation now!

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