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Twitters count up to several millions already and their number are rising everyday. Yet every twitterer is unique and different from all the rest. You may know a great deal about snowflakes. Dig through a snow bank after a mountain blizzard and you’ll never find the same design twice.

People too often think that Twitter is a sort of monolithic thing that everyone uses in the same way. But the truth is far from it. Everyone’s experience with this fast-growing social networking service is entirely different. Entirely unique; much like the snowflakes.

Possibly just because the twitter update is limited to 140 characters, this guarantees that your twitter experience won’t be like anyone else’s. Your tweets will entirely be unlike mine as the twitter update just asks: What are you doing? And there are millions of answers or unique tweets to this question as there are individuals on this planet.

Get the most out of Twitter. Think of it as millions of separate experiences to which you can belong. And be sure that twitter is not a fad. Twitter will not only stay but is going to rise and be more popular in the days ahead.

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Not so long ago, it used to be that there were many little blogging platforms anyone could choose from. However today, WordPress is the blogging platform of choice for most everyone getting into blogosphere for the first time. It has become the default blog. How come? What made wordpress become such a powerful force online and crush the competition?

Plainly, the explanation lies in the fact that WordPress is a good product. It works. And it works well for every blogger.

There are additional factors as well. The users community was a collection of coders and fans who developed a massive array of plug-ins and widgets to increase the utility and functionality of WordPress.

There is no doubt that today, Twitter is following the WordPress success plan. And that’s to everybody’s benefit! Since the Twitter API has been made available, we’re now seeing the creation of dozens of tools designed to make Twitter use easier, more intuitive and more productive.

To be able to use Twitter, do you need some tools? Of course not. In the same way that you don’t need Askiment to run WordPress either. Those extras called pugins, however, make the tools more functional and a lot more attractive.

Popular Twitter continues to grow and there’ll be no let up in the rise of twitter accounts in the months to come. This could be due in part to the many great third-party tool developments exclusively done for twitter use.

We will see more of marketing being done on twitter as well. It’s time to learn the secrets of marketing with Twitter.

Many among us have just seen enough of the latest “big thing” collapse the next moment. Those popular trends that herds of people adopt without questions just later grow cold and become lifeless.

This maybe the reason why you, for instance, are reluctant to make a plan to leverage the power of Twitter to improve your marketing ventures. You have reasons for being suspicious and cynical enough to think that Twitter is just another fad and may be passing.

The truth is that there’s just no way to say definitively that Twitter is going to be a big piece of the Internet landscape within the next five years. Anyway, even for the entire world wide web, there’s no way to say what’s going to be happening within the next five years. Anyone who claims to know what the future is going to be like is merely feeding you a lie.

However, it is clearly safe to say that Twitter is going to keep growing through 2010 and that it’s unlikely to collapse any time soon. Twitter is one of those trends that hasn’t yet reached its peak yet. Even if that peak for Twitter usage and popularity hits soon, the fall-off will take awhile to really set in.

Happily, we can bask in the good news. There’s still plenty of marketing room in Twitter. It’s not virgin territory though, but all things considered, not many internet marketers have really tapped into the great potential of Twitter for marketing.

So, it’s not too late for you to act! Don’t let your suspicions and cynicism get the better of you. Twitter is a real deal. Twitter marketing is going strong and it’s definitely going to stick for awhile. The moneymaking potential of Twitter is so strong and you’ll miss a whole lot if you’re not going into Twitter.

Learn more about Twitter and discover the secrets of marketing with Twitter today.

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