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Some people like the personal aspect of Twitter. But others just don’t. And they don’t believe that those small facts about life in the tweets are valuable in themselves.  They do however value the advantage of creating a good social network for the purpose of sharing relevant information and just exchanging good links.

Are you one of those who dislike the personal tweets? It might be time for you to adjust your perspective. Twitter is one of those social networking sites and it’s called social for a reason.  The social aspect of twitter is maybe the foremost part of it.

Be human, not an automaton

Twitter definitely works because it enables people to connect with one another in a simple way. Your participation as a human being is the magnet that attracts followers and makes you more enjoyable to follow. This human component is the big idea behind twitter and not that of a robot posting a series of tweets automatically.

Be social

Being social however doesn’t mean you need to tell your followers your every thought or the fact that you are going to bowl with your left hand in a few hours.  Yet it is always a good idea to portray yourself as a loving person by giving creative and funny tweets to your followers. Letting people know you is one good way to get more followers on twitter. Get personal!

If you’re on Twitter, it means you want people to seek you out and follow you when you have interests that are similar to theirs. The number of your followers define your reach in Twitter and you want that number to be as big as possible.

But are you one those unwittingly decreasing your follower counts? There are two simple ways that you can be limiting your effectiveness in Twitter.

Upload your photo

Do you have a photo in your twitter profile? If none, then you’re given that default avatar in twitter. Who else have that same default avatar? Only those people who are so lazy to upload their own photo. And some of them are the lousy spammers and those robot accounts and worst, spamming accounts that hide behind the default avatar. If you don’t have a picture, people can assume the worst about you which you want to avoid at all costs. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand followers in twitter.

Get a good username

The second little thing is your username. If you have a nice username, you’ll tend to get more followers than one with a bad username. Bad usernames are those with long number sequences that look so spammy like Frank0920887. Or if you have a silly sounding name like “IHateMyRoomate”, this makes it so clear that you’re not very serious in twitter. That you are trying to be unpopular and are not looking for twitter followers.

It’s a simple, little step to get a nice and good-sounding username. Once you have that name, upload your nicest picture. You’ll be surprised how these two small beginnings can get you a huge following in twitter.

The next step is then to tweet people and make more friends to increase your followers even more.

There’s no denying Twitter is really growing so fast. And one reason could well be the growing number of third party tools and support dedicated to enhancing Twitter experience of users.

Twitter is wonderful enough to use on its own, but those extra tools really shoot up its power and value.

One great example is Twellow. It’s a bit like a business phone directory meant for Twitter users. Users can be listed based on their field of expertise. This makes it a splendid way to find people in your industry so quickly.

Who to follow? This is the basic question in Twitter and the answer is key to getting most out of Twitter and building a quality social network. This is where Twellow does its job of helping you finding the right kind of people with whom you can interact in a more engaging way.

Most people initially were less than impressed with Twitter’s in-built tools; although recently its features have all been upgraded. Twellow is one of those tools which you can use to cover up what you feel are Twitter’s shortcomings.

Twellow is a great way to find the people you need to put your tweets across and maximize Twitter’s value to you. See for yourself if Twellow can make your Twitter life a little easier. It’s free to register.

Internet marketing probably began with email list marketing. That is, email marketing has been around for a while now and still is the most favored money-making strategy for most successful marketers. Why? Simply because it works.

Looking at Twitter, the analogy cannot escape anyone.  Like email list marketing, people “opt-in” in Twitter. One becomes a follower by clicking the follow button.

And anyone can easily opt-out in Twitter too. If they don’t like your tweets, they just click on the un-follow button and it’s done.  When someone is on your list of followers, your tweets are sent to all of them. Or you may opt to give a direct message to just one or a few of your followers.

Twitter is thus a variation of the same proven formula.  Since email list marketing is a massive money-maker so can Twitter be.  Everyone has been saying “the money is in the list”.  Now could be the time to start saying that “the money could be in  Twitter too!”

Of course there are very obvious differences between having a list of subscribers and having a large cadre of Twitter followers. But the people who are using Twitter for marketing the right way have proven that anyone can start making some money online through Twitter.

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For email list marketing, you would want to know how many of your recipients are actually opening and reading your emails. This is one most important statistic you can always track.

Twitter marketing is a lot like email list marketing. People opt-in to your tweets. As you send your tweets out, you hope to drive traffic to one of your web properties mentioned in your Twitter profile.

The thing is you don’t have any idea how many people are actually ever seeing or reading the tweets. It’s true that through website analytics you can track how many of your web visitors came through  your Twitter referral. Yet there’s no good way to track how many of your followers opened or read your Tweets.

To measure this out, you can do two different things when marketing via Twitter. Firstly, you can repeat the same tweet at some few different time periods. This will increase your exposure but still you don’t spam the system.

Or you could go after a larger volume of followers than necessary in order to increase the traffic-getting effect of your tweets.

Try out these things to determine the “open” rate of your tweets.

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