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Now that twitter traffic is rising, marketing on twitter is gaining popularity as well. This makes perfect sense. Twitter followers provide a targeted audience for someone using twitter for business.

How to use twitter for marketing requires that you know more about twitter. Some strategies for maketing products on the internet just doesn’t always work on twitter.

Unfortunately, not knowing what type of marketing strategy on twitter fails could lead people just to waste time on twitter and end up not making money.

Let me mention at least ways that twitter marketers use often but which ensure they don’t make a dime via twitter.

There’s this automatic “thanks for following” message with an affiliate link trailing on it. This is just a complete disaster. Only a handful twitter users will bother to click on them. Why? Because those automatic direct messages are one of the most hated aspects for ordinary twitter followers.

Then there are those people who use the scattershot approach of following just anybody
on twitter. They think that following a billion people is the best way to go because it can get them a ton of reciprocal followers. They just don’t understand how to use twitter for business. The magic of Twitter is its ability to help you find a targeted audience. The scattershot approach doesn’t pay off worth a hoot.

And lastly, are you one of those twitter users who pound your followers with your links every ten minutes like clockwork? I bet you’re not too happy with your sales, are you? You have to understand the mindset of Twitter users and why that technique can’t get the best results.

Discover what works best for marketing in twitter. Learning marketing secrets of twitter is really quite engaging.

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