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There are a lot more reasons to take twitter seriously. Twitter may not be the internet-changer some people want it to be. But certainly it isn’t a trivial pursuit some others are making out of twitter. Twitter is so definitely more than idle chit-chat.

Twitter is not just a big instant messenger either. There’s some real valuable stuff happening below the surface. Sure, the way some people use the service trivializes its significance. That’s undeniable. There are others, however, that are figuring out that Twitter can be a serious marketing tool.

To convert you to the pro-Twitter side, here are three more reasons to take the social networking service seriously.

First, it creates a splendid opportunity to monitor and evaluate what your customers and prospects are really talking about. So much like your friendly and free market research.

Second, it is an alternate route to expand your reach. It’s a low hassle way to add to your blogging endeavors to meet far more audience available.

Third, it gives you a free opportunity to create a wider social network whose members have a strong interest in what you’re doing. Plus twitter allows you to approach those people with marketing messages.

It’s about time that you take Twitter seriously. It’s so easy to begin and jump into the conversations of millions around the net and find their secrets. Find out more about “How to Follow Friends and Tweet People” and begin enjoying Twitter today.

How to Follow Friends and Tweet People

Today, communication technology has exploded on the Internet and it is possible now to communicate with millions all over the world with the click of a mouse.

But how well those communications will be received (if at all) depend largely on the sender’s application of these technologies. Twitter is emerging as one of the most popular social networking technologies today because of the ease of its use, among other things.

But if you are into marketing in social media, you have to be more than just a voice crying out in the wilderness. Don’t just shout. Don’t just make noise. If you have tweeted before, you are already aware of the fair amount of shouting that goes on in twitter. Good for twitter users, the technology at twitter has made it easy to ignore the shouters for followers.

If you don’t want to be the one ignored and you want to get people to hear your message, you’ll have to win them as friends. Learn how you can win friends on Twitter and start tweeting to real customers. It’s easier than you think.

Check out this easy-to-read 26-page free pdf report that you can apply to your marketing on twitter. Click this link “How to Follow Friends and Tweet People” to read it immediately.

How to Follow Friends
How to Follow Friends and Tweet People
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