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Used the right way, Twitter can indeed be an extremely powerful tool. Approach it the wrong way however, and you just waste a lot of time without any visible return.

There are many ways to lose on Twitter. Try to prevent yourself from committing the common blunders that make the Twitter experience a complete loss for many people.

Don’t be too aggressive. Hitting the ground at full sprint with twitter would mean risking some trouble. A common practice of some is to suddenly add masses and masses of new people to the list of those they follow. This could endager you to be categorized as probable a spammer or troublemaker. That can get your account closed anytime.

Don’t use Twitter as an afterthought. The way of some is just to set up twitter as a tool to announce their blog posts. They combine that with an automatic message to new followers and they forget all about it. If you’re not an active Twitter participant, it’s not really helpful to have your twitter account out there announcing your new blog posts just for the sake of getting traffic. To most of your followers, you will appear as a “fake” which will lead to a damaged reputation.

These are only two of two practices you should avoid in order to become a winner on Twitter. To make Twitter part of your online endeavor, it’s important to learn how to use Twitter the right way leading you to your online success.

Move into the twitter conversation. Make social connections and discuss issues – that’s one sure way how you can win on Twitter.

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