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Twitter – everyone’s talking about it. Mostly everyone I know now have twitter accounts. Who else are into the Twitter bandwagon? The media of course. It wouldn’t be a surprise if twitter may become a household word soon – and much faster than Google did.

Will this twitter phenomenon last – that’s the question that comes up. Will Twitter become a permanent feature of the Internet landscape? Or like a fad, twitter will just disappear shortly.

Well, this is a question that will have no certain answer. And it’s also because of the nature of the Internet. The Internet is always evolving and in a way that nobody can really predict its future.

Having said this, there still remains the evidence that Twitter can continue to be a major player in social media for a length of time to come. Twitter has just only now reached the wider public’s consciousness. It has yet to reach the apex of its popularity as suggested by statistical evidence.

Twitter can’t necessarily be the big thing forever. But you can’t also say that Twitter will slip into irrelevancy in the short or mid term either. So if you go with Twitter and work with it for your online marketing efforts for the longer length of time, chances are your efforts will be rewarded greatly!.

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Not so long ago, it used to be that there were many little blogging platforms anyone could choose from. However today, WordPress is the blogging platform of choice for most everyone getting into blogosphere for the first time. It has become the default blog. How come? What made wordpress become such a powerful force online and crush the competition?

Plainly, the explanation lies in the fact that WordPress is a good product. It works. And it works well for every blogger.

There are additional factors as well. The users community was a collection of coders and fans who developed a massive array of plug-ins and widgets to increase the utility and functionality of WordPress.

There is no doubt that today, Twitter is following the WordPress success plan. And that’s to everybody’s benefit! Since the Twitter API has been made available, we’re now seeing the creation of dozens of tools designed to make Twitter use easier, more intuitive and more productive.

To be able to use Twitter, do you need some tools? Of course not. In the same way that you don’t need Askiment to run WordPress either. Those extras called pugins, however, make the tools more functional and a lot more attractive.

Popular Twitter continues to grow and there’ll be no let up in the rise of twitter accounts in the months to come. This could be due in part to the many great third-party tool developments exclusively done for twitter use.

We will see more of marketing being done on twitter as well. It’s time to learn the secrets of marketing with Twitter.

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