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The real value of using Twitter may not be so obvious. Twitter is both a social networking site and a micro-blogging tool. And there is a prevailing set of norms governing the use of Twitter. These norms are created to conform to the expectations of the user base.

If you’ve just started using Twitter, you may find it difficult to develop a sense of what is the optimal way to use your newfound Tweeting power. In Twitter, there is that culture and particular way of doing things. Getting into the flow of Twitter and learning the rhythm of the site may not always come easy to beginners.

Here’s one way around this problem: Follow a few people who have big follower bases and watch them for awhile. Learn how they use Twitter and recognize the techniques they use to be a real voice in the conversation.

If you watch a few of the “big boys” doing their thing, you’ll soon figure out how you might be able to use the site effectively in order to meet your online goals.

Learning from the best and from the most experienced is always a working strategy. When applied to the workings of the Twitter land, this indeed works very well. Therefore, choose those you follow so you can learn best.

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There are critics and cynics who are having a good time roasting Twitter. They see Twitter as a site where people wildly shout out trivia about their boring lives hoping that someone is listening.

Well that is happening certainly for some twitterers, like in most social media. It’s kind of amusing in a sad way.

Yet there’s no denying the real value under the surface of Twitter. There are people sharing important information and ideas. There are experts offering guidance. There are potential customers talking about what they really want to see in products.

The Twitter population is huge and growing. Some chunk of it though is boring everyone to death where they are sharing such mundane details as the dressing served at lunch today. However, a substantial population are sharing about more exciting things. The recent Twitter “revolution” in that brought thousands of people to the streets of Romania to protest is just one case in point.

If you’re one with the cynics and critics and you’re not part of Twitter, maybe it’s time to rethink your position. Become a part of this exciting collection of social networks. And I promise: You won’t be forced to share your lunch stories with anyone. You will find there’s just so much more real value in Twitter than that. Honest.

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