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Great! You’re on twitter and you’re quite active there. However, don’t ever make the mistake of abandoning your blog for this new world of micro-blogging that is twitter. There are so many reasons why you should keep your blog up and running. Here, I’ll just mention three most important points about blogging.

Firstly, you’re catching a different audience in your blog than in twitter. Your blog has a fine capability of generating search engine traffic that are not possible with your tweets. Besides you may have some RSS subscribers and avid readers who are not interested at all in twitter.  It’s a grave mistake dumping this readership and search engine traffic by quitting your blog.

Secondly your blog offers a flexibility to handle denser topics that can’t be afforded within the 140 character limit of your tweets. There are so many statements you can make in your blog posts and so many ideas you can address which aren’t possible with twitter.

Finally, we’re still in the learning curve with respect to knowing what an active Twitter user is capable of generating.  In contrast, you know already what blogging can do. And you started blogging for a reason. And your purpose in blogging was based on evidence about what blogging can achieve.

The bottom line is, unless you know something about twitter that the rest of us don’t, there’s no reason to assume that twitter will make up for the advantages that blogging offers. Tweet any time or any way you like, but just don’t give up blogging now!

A few more reminders: Don’t neglect to tweet people and make more friends and increase your followers in Twitter.

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Twitter admittedly is a micro-blogging platform; no doubt about that. But does that really mean twitter is nothing more than a tiny blog?

If you look at the structure, you may say yes. Because your Twitter URL reads like a tiny blog URL. It catalogs your tweets chronologically and that indeed is the way your twitter homepage is presented to your followers. But apart from that, twitter doesn’t offer any other similarity to blogging.

The high level of interaction is one distinguishing factor that differentiates twitter. Your tweets are often part of an on-going conversation compared to the free-standing expositions that usually describes blog posts.

Another reason that distinguishes twitter from blogging is the 140 character limit of your tweets. In contrast, this short blog post is already more than 100 words longer. What we usually consider as blogging can’t just be done with the 140 character limit.

Lastly, the level and purpose of participation in twitter is different. Your tweets may have the same goal such as increasing sales and branding. Yet your purpose for a single tweet is so much different than your motivation in writing a single blog post.

Yes, twitter can be described as micro-blogging. But it still is way much different than a tiny blog. As such you need to explore twittersphere in an engaging manner. And you may want to discover the secrets of marketing with twitter soon among its other secrets.

For email list marketing, you would want to know how many of your recipients are actually opening and reading your emails. This is one most important statistic you can always track.

Twitter marketing is a lot like email list marketing. People opt-in to your tweets. As you send your tweets out, you hope to drive traffic to one of your web properties mentioned in your Twitter profile.

The thing is you don’t have any idea how many people are actually ever seeing or reading the tweets. It’s true that through website analytics you can track how many of your web visitors came through  your Twitter referral. Yet there’s no good way to track how many of your followers opened or read your Tweets.

To measure this out, you can do two different things when marketing via Twitter. Firstly, you can repeat the same tweet at some few different time periods. This will increase your exposure but still you don’t spam the system.

Or you could go after a larger volume of followers than necessary in order to increase the traffic-getting effect of your tweets.

Try out these things to determine the “open” rate of your tweets.

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Do you ever follow those people on Twitter who don’t have their personal photos? Let’s be honest. Normally we don’t like following people we don’t know or at least have a picture of their personality on their profiles.

That little default photo that Twitter supplies is okay. However, experience has shown me that 99% of the accounts that don’t have a picture belong to spammers and robot  accounts–not the kind of “people” we want to include in our social network.

So, if you don’t have a picture for your Twitter profile, I’m may not be following you.  And I’m not alone. You look suspicious.  You don’t appear to be interest in participating.  You bear a strange resemblance to a spambot.  That’s not your best look. But you can do better than that.

If you don’t have a picture up yet, get into your Twitter profile and upload one now. If for some reason, you really don’t want to have a picture of yourself publicized in the Twitter universe, find a stock photo of a cedar tree on a summer day or a cute kitten or even a boat by the lakeshore.

Allow something in your profile to describe you as a real person. That there is a real person behind the tweets. You owe it to yourself really to upload a photo describing you as person in Twitter. Bottom line, your picture is worth a thousand followers in Twitter.

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