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Even the best and most popular Twitter users could be losing followers once in a while. People just click “unfollow” with or without explanation. Sometimes though, it’s easy to explain why they do drop away from your list.

You may have tweeted a highly  controversial or political message that may have turned them off.  If you get emotional about losing followers, you may want to refrain from this not good idea of tweeting highly controversial, usually political, tweets.

Or it could be that Twitter just cleans its house and cancel the bad accounts. Those are from the people who weren’t really interested in being part of the Twittersphere in the first place.

It could also be they are from the bad accounts: spammers and robot accounts. We should be happy these accounts are get removed although these reflect as reduction in the number of our followers.

And then there are other times when you lose followers simply because the person who’d been following you comes to realize that you’re not really supplying him or her with what they need. They had made that “mistake” of choosing to follow you because they really didn’t understanding what you are about.

It’s better then not to take this personally. You can’t be just be everything to everyone in the vast Twittersphere.

At other times also, followers may unfollow you for no apparent reason whatsoever.  Even if you’re handling your twitter account in the best way possible, there are several factors that may result in the drop of your twitter followers.  As these factors are not under anyone’s control, shedding off a few followers is a  normal happening and is completely unrelated to anything you may have tweeted.

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Numerical values always impress us first. We think big in terms of numbers and that’s natural. Counting is so easy to do.  More is better. The end result is that we measure quality by the numbers.

We substitute quantity for  quality.  This could be why so many people have developed the obsession with boosting their Twitter follower counts to the highest possible number. If 100 followers is good, then 1,000 will be better and 10,000 or more would be best!

Well, this kind of thinking could be valid sometimes. But when you stop and think about what makes Twitter work, then you’d have to admit that having 100 good followers is more profitable than
having tens of thousands who don’t pay any attention to you at all.

Using Twitter for marketing requires that you adhere to the basics of online marketing. And one of the established facts of marketing is that targetted traffic always yield better results than untargeted traffic.

The same is true of your followers. If they’re not really in tune to what you are doing, they’re not likely to contribute much to you in terms of building your business or making professional connections.

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Twitter – everyone’s talking about it. Mostly everyone I know now have twitter accounts. Who else are into the Twitter bandwagon? The media of course. It wouldn’t be a surprise if twitter may become a household word soon – and much faster than Google did.

Will this twitter phenomenon last – that’s the question that comes up. Will Twitter become a permanent feature of the Internet landscape? Or like a fad, twitter will just disappear shortly.

Well, this is a question that will have no certain answer. And it’s also because of the nature of the Internet. The Internet is always evolving and in a way that nobody can really predict its future.

Having said this, there still remains the evidence that Twitter can continue to be a major player in social media for a length of time to come. Twitter has just only now reached the wider public’s consciousness. It has yet to reach the apex of its popularity as suggested by statistical evidence.

Twitter can’t necessarily be the big thing forever. But you can’t also say that Twitter will slip into irrelevancy in the short or mid term either. So if you go with Twitter and work with it for your online marketing efforts for the longer length of time, chances are your efforts will be rewarded greatly!.

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Some people like the personal aspect of Twitter. But others just don’t. And they don’t believe that those small facts about life in the tweets are valuable in themselves.  They do however value the advantage of creating a good social network for the purpose of sharing relevant information and just exchanging good links.

Are you one of those who dislike the personal tweets? It might be time for you to adjust your perspective. Twitter is one of those social networking sites and it’s called social for a reason.  The social aspect of twitter is maybe the foremost part of it.

Be human, not an automaton

Twitter definitely works because it enables people to connect with one another in a simple way. Your participation as a human being is the magnet that attracts followers and makes you more enjoyable to follow. This human component is the big idea behind twitter and not that of a robot posting a series of tweets automatically.

Be social

Being social however doesn’t mean you need to tell your followers your every thought or the fact that you are going to bowl with your left hand in a few hours.  Yet it is always a good idea to portray yourself as a loving person by giving creative and funny tweets to your followers. Letting people know you is one good way to get more followers on twitter. Get personal!

Internet marketing probably began with email list marketing. That is, email marketing has been around for a while now and still is the most favored money-making strategy for most successful marketers. Why? Simply because it works.

Looking at Twitter, the analogy cannot escape anyone.  Like email list marketing, people “opt-in” in Twitter. One becomes a follower by clicking the follow button.

And anyone can easily opt-out in Twitter too. If they don’t like your tweets, they just click on the un-follow button and it’s done.  When someone is on your list of followers, your tweets are sent to all of them. Or you may opt to give a direct message to just one or a few of your followers.

Twitter is thus a variation of the same proven formula.  Since email list marketing is a massive money-maker so can Twitter be.  Everyone has been saying “the money is in the list”.  Now could be the time to start saying that “the money could be in  Twitter too!”

Of course there are very obvious differences between having a list of subscribers and having a large cadre of Twitter followers. But the people who are using Twitter for marketing the right way have proven that anyone can start making some money online through Twitter.

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