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Numerical values always impress us first. We think big in terms of numbers and that’s natural. Counting is so easy to do.  More is better. The end result is that we measure quality by the numbers.

We substitute quantity for  quality.  This could be why so many people have developed the obsession with boosting their Twitter follower counts to the highest possible number. If 100 followers is good, then 1,000 will be better and 10,000 or more would be best!

Well, this kind of thinking could be valid sometimes. But when you stop and think about what makes Twitter work, then you’d have to admit that having 100 good followers is more profitable than
having tens of thousands who don’t pay any attention to you at all.

Using Twitter for marketing requires that you adhere to the basics of online marketing. And one of the established facts of marketing is that targetted traffic always yield better results than untargeted traffic.

The same is true of your followers. If they’re not really in tune to what you are doing, they’re not likely to contribute much to you in terms of building your business or making professional connections.

To maintain quality in your Twitter list, know why you’re following whom.  Learn the secrets of marketing with twitter today.

For email list marketing, you would want to know how many of your recipients are actually opening and reading your emails. This is one most important statistic you can always track.

Twitter marketing is a lot like email list marketing. People opt-in to your tweets. As you send your tweets out, you hope to drive traffic to one of your web properties mentioned in your Twitter profile.

The thing is you don’t have any idea how many people are actually ever seeing or reading the tweets. It’s true that through website analytics you can track how many of your web visitors came through  your Twitter referral. Yet there’s no good way to track how many of your followers opened or read your Tweets.

To measure this out, you can do two different things when marketing via Twitter. Firstly, you can repeat the same tweet at some few different time periods. This will increase your exposure but still you don’t spam the system.

Or you could go after a larger volume of followers than necessary in order to increase the traffic-getting effect of your tweets.

Try out these things to determine the “open” rate of your tweets.

Check out more insights by getting this free resource about using Twitter.

There are a lot more reasons to take twitter seriously. Twitter may not be the internet-changer some people want it to be. But certainly it isn’t a trivial pursuit some others are making out of twitter. Twitter is so definitely more than idle chit-chat.

Twitter is not just a big instant messenger either. There’s some real valuable stuff happening below the surface. Sure, the way some people use the service trivializes its significance. That’s undeniable. There are others, however, that are figuring out that Twitter can be a serious marketing tool.

To convert you to the pro-Twitter side, here are three more reasons to take the social networking service seriously.

First, it creates a splendid opportunity to monitor and evaluate what your customers and prospects are really talking about. So much like your friendly and free market research.

Second, it is an alternate route to expand your reach. It’s a low hassle way to add to your blogging endeavors to meet far more audience available.

Third, it gives you a free opportunity to create a wider social network whose members have a strong interest in what you’re doing. Plus twitter allows you to approach those people with marketing messages.

It’s about time that you take Twitter seriously. It’s so easy to begin and jump into the conversations of millions around the net and find their secrets. Find out more about “How to Follow Friends and Tweet People” and begin enjoying Twitter today.

What is the fastest way to develop and create an online presence? A few years ago, the answer coming from many people is most likely: start blogging. Get an account for free at or and within minutes, your blog could be up and running already; all without cost. And some few others will advise to create a simple HTML webpage with a free template and upload to the internet using cheap hosting.

Today, the answer to that question might well be – Twitter! It’s a lot better than the older ways of creating an online presence. And it’s definitely faster. As you may already know, Twitter can be classified as a micro-blogging platform.

You can set up a free account at and you’re up and running in just a few minutes. You can customize your setting effortlessly. In a few updates or posts of 140 characters or less, you can quickly develop a twitter following of interested parties. This short-burst style of twitter posting (140 characters maximum) makes it ideal for those who don’t have the time, patience or material to be regular bloggers. And it’s so easy to promote your Twitter URL.

If you’re reading this because you’re still at a loss how to get to develop your online presence faster, then you have your answers. Go to and you’ll find it so easy to set up your account. Make your first connections online via Twitter. Perhaps, Twitter may also be the way for you to market online.

Find out more about how to meet and connect with people via Twitter. If you are into marketing, check out and learn the secrets of how to use twitter for marketing.

If you’ve tried Twitter at all, you must have known that there are so many different ways to get Twitter followers. You can follow everyone and hope that enough of them will reciprocate. That’s somehow a desperate way to boost your follower total on the Twitter stratosphere.

Or you can make a concerted effort to promote your Twitter URL at every turn, hoping to find new followers from the anyone that visits your website or blog.

There’s a cooler way to do it. This third strategy by the way is clearly the one that works the best.

If you give quality tweets – you’ll get followers. Followers of good quality. The kind who want to listen to what you say and who are also willing to follow your advice.

Start tweeting the “good stuff”. This way people will notice. Then they will re-tweet you. They will recommend you to their followers. They will respond to you in a positive way. People become aware of your presence in Twitter because you are doing something special.

Do you want to find a large collection of rabid twitter followers who can actually produce results in your marketing? There’s only one sure way to do it: Drop great Tweets.

Want people to notice you on twitter? Give updates to the twitter question “What are you doing?” like what a live human being does. That’s the only to attract the other person. That works anywhere in life.

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