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Twitter admittedly is a micro-blogging platform; no doubt about that. But does that really mean twitter is nothing more than a tiny blog?

If you look at the structure, you may say yes. Because your Twitter URL reads like a tiny blog URL. It catalogs your tweets chronologically and that indeed is the way your twitter homepage is presented to your followers. But apart from that, twitter doesn’t offer any other similarity to blogging.

The high level of interaction is one distinguishing factor that differentiates twitter. Your tweets are often part of an on-going conversation compared to the free-standing expositions that usually describes blog posts.

Another reason that distinguishes twitter from blogging is the 140 character limit of your tweets. In contrast, this short blog post is already more than 100 words longer. What we usually consider as blogging can’t just be done with the 140 character limit.

Lastly, the level and purpose of participation in twitter is different. Your tweets may have the same goal such as increasing sales and branding. Yet your purpose for a single tweet is so much different than your motivation in writing a single blog post.

Yes, twitter can be described as micro-blogging. But it still is way much different than a tiny blog. As such you need to explore twittersphere in an engaging manner. And you may want to discover the secrets of marketing with twitter soon among its other secrets.

What is the fastest way to develop and create an online presence? A few years ago, the answer coming from many people is most likely: start blogging. Get an account for free at or and within minutes, your blog could be up and running already; all without cost. And some few others will advise to create a simple HTML webpage with a free template and upload to the internet using cheap hosting.

Today, the answer to that question might well be – Twitter! It’s a lot better than the older ways of creating an online presence. And it’s definitely faster. As you may already know, Twitter can be classified as a micro-blogging platform.

You can set up a free account at and you’re up and running in just a few minutes. You can customize your setting effortlessly. In a few updates or posts of 140 characters or less, you can quickly develop a twitter following of interested parties. This short-burst style of twitter posting (140 characters maximum) makes it ideal for those who don’t have the time, patience or material to be regular bloggers. And it’s so easy to promote your Twitter URL.

If you’re reading this because you’re still at a loss how to get to develop your online presence faster, then you have your answers. Go to and you’ll find it so easy to set up your account. Make your first connections online via Twitter. Perhaps, Twitter may also be the way for you to market online.

Find out more about how to meet and connect with people via Twitter. If you are into marketing, check out and learn the secrets of how to use twitter for marketing.

If you’ve tried Twitter at all, you must have known that there are so many different ways to get Twitter followers. You can follow everyone and hope that enough of them will reciprocate. That’s somehow a desperate way to boost your follower total on the Twitter stratosphere.

Or you can make a concerted effort to promote your Twitter URL at every turn, hoping to find new followers from the anyone that visits your website or blog.

There’s a cooler way to do it. This third strategy by the way is clearly the one that works the best.

If you give quality tweets – you’ll get followers. Followers of good quality. The kind who want to listen to what you say and who are also willing to follow your advice.

Start tweeting the “good stuff”. This way people will notice. Then they will re-tweet you. They will recommend you to their followers. They will respond to you in a positive way. People become aware of your presence in Twitter because you are doing something special.

Do you want to find a large collection of rabid twitter followers who can actually produce results in your marketing? There’s only one sure way to do it: Drop great Tweets.

Want people to notice you on twitter? Give updates to the twitter question “What are you doing?” like what a live human being does. That’s the only to attract the other person. That works anywhere in life.

Click this link “How to Follow Friends and Tweet People” to find twitter followers with quality.

Inside Twitter, there are a few great ways to build your followers.  Creating great tweets can build your following. Or even by just following other tweeterers can increase your twitter followers. This is because some are just programmed to follow those who follow them.

However, if you’re really serious in the follower department, you may need to take your game off the Twitter site.

Below are a few off-Twitter strategies you can use to promote your Twitter URL in order to boost your follower count.

First, in the emails you’re sending to your subscriber list, include your Twitter URL in the footer. This only takes a second of your time yet it can make a huge difference.  Business contacts who participate in Twitter are likely to follow you and others may do likewise.

Second, if your participate in any forums, make sure you include your Twitter URL in your forum signatures. Add also that URL to your profile.

Third, be certain that you’re indicating your Twitter involvement on all of your other Web properties.  That means you need to have your badge up on your blog and on all your static sites.

The more you can do to spread the word, the better.  If you want to maximize your twitter follower potential, take advantage of  every opportunity that is available to you.

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