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Great! You’re on twitter and you’re quite active there. However, don’t ever make the mistake of abandoning your blog for this new world of micro-blogging that is twitter. There are so many reasons why you should keep your blog up and running. Here, I’ll just mention three most important points about blogging.

Firstly, you’re catching a different audience in your blog than in twitter. Your blog has a fine capability of generating search engine traffic that are not possible with your tweets. Besides you may have some RSS subscribers and avid readers who are not interested at all in twitter.  It’s a grave mistake dumping this readership and search engine traffic by quitting your blog.

Secondly your blog offers a flexibility to handle denser topics that can’t be afforded within the 140 character limit of your tweets. There are so many statements you can make in your blog posts and so many ideas you can address which aren’t possible with twitter.

Finally, we’re still in the learning curve with respect to knowing what an active Twitter user is capable of generating.  In contrast, you know already what blogging can do. And you started blogging for a reason. And your purpose in blogging was based on evidence about what blogging can achieve.

The bottom line is, unless you know something about twitter that the rest of us don’t, there’s no reason to assume that twitter will make up for the advantages that blogging offers. Tweet any time or any way you like, but just don’t give up blogging now!

A few more reminders: Don’t neglect to tweet people and make more friends and increase your followers in Twitter.

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The real value of using Twitter may not be so obvious. Twitter is both a social networking site and a micro-blogging tool. And there is a prevailing set of norms governing the use of Twitter. These norms are created to conform to the expectations of the user base.

If you’ve just started using Twitter, you may find it difficult to develop a sense of what is the optimal way to use your newfound Tweeting power. In Twitter, there is that culture and particular way of doing things. Getting into the flow of Twitter and learning the rhythm of the site may not always come easy to beginners.

Here’s one way around this problem: Follow a few people who have big follower bases and watch them for awhile. Learn how they use Twitter and recognize the techniques they use to be a real voice in the conversation.

If you watch a few of the “big boys” doing their thing, you’ll soon figure out how you might be able to use the site effectively in order to meet your online goals.

Learning from the best and from the most experienced is always a working strategy. When applied to the workings of the Twitter land, this indeed works very well. Therefore, choose those you follow so you can learn best.

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