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There’s no denying Twitter is really growing so fast. And one reason could well be the growing number of third party tools and support dedicated to enhancing Twitter experience of users.

Twitter is wonderful enough to use on its own, but those extra tools really shoot up its power and value.

One great example is Twellow. It’s a bit like a business phone directory meant for Twitter users. Users can be listed based on their field of expertise. This makes it a splendid way to find people in your industry so quickly.

Who to follow? This is the basic question in Twitter and the answer is key to getting most out of Twitter and building a quality social network. This is where Twellow does its job of helping you finding the right kind of people with whom you can interact in a more engaging way.

Most people initially were less than impressed with Twitter’s in-built tools; although recently its features have all been upgraded. Twellow is one of those tools which you can use to cover up what you feel are Twitter’s shortcomings.

Twellow is a great way to find the people you need to put your tweets across and maximize Twitter’s value to you. See for yourself if Twellow can make your Twitter life a little easier. It’s free to register.

Some elite quarters think twitter is the joke of the moment. Micro-blogging in 140 character bursts give nothing special. Others think Twitter attracts users more interested in chatting more than anything else.

Actor Ashton Kutcher made headlines on all the gossip rags and entertainment shows when he snapped a photo of Demi Moore’s derriere and shared it with the world. Ashton Kutcher. For a lot of people, that’s reason enough to think of Twitter as a joke.

The fact of the matter is that it isn’t. Time to stop laughing about Twitter for many reasons:

1. To make connections and network with people in your industry or niche, Twitter provides a dead easy way.

2. Twitter gives you instant real-time access to conversations about you, your business, products that matter to you and other members of your community.

3. You can tap into a constant of potentially valuable links, resources and ideas in a way that can’t be accomplished otherwise.

Admittedly, Twitter may seem silly as some people’s use of it may be. But look under the surface and you’ll why you have to take Twitter seriously.

Tap into the conversations that millions are getting into right this moment. Find out more about “>“How to Follow Friends and Tweet People” and begin enjoying Twitter.

Twitters count up to several millions already and their number are rising everyday. Yet every twitterer is unique and different from all the rest. You may know a great deal about snowflakes. Dig through a snow bank after a mountain blizzard and you’ll never find the same design twice.

People too often think that Twitter is a sort of monolithic thing that everyone uses in the same way. But the truth is far from it. Everyone’s experience with this fast-growing social networking service is entirely different. Entirely unique; much like the snowflakes.

Possibly just because the twitter update is limited to 140 characters, this guarantees that your twitter experience won’t be like anyone else’s. Your tweets will entirely be unlike mine as the twitter update just asks: What are you doing? And there are millions of answers or unique tweets to this question as there are individuals on this planet.

Get the most out of Twitter. Think of it as millions of separate experiences to which you can belong. And be sure that twitter is not a fad. Twitter will not only stay but is going to rise and be more popular in the days ahead.

Now you can think of marketing with twitter. Why not? There are several secrets of marketing with twitter that you may know nothing about. Check it out the marketing power of Twitter today!

If you’re in the internet marketing business, you should know something important about the average Twitter user. The run-of-the-mill member of the Twitter community doesn’t like you very much.

Sorry, but it’s true. And who can blame those folks for feeling that way? They’ve seen their completely legitimate, commerce-free social networking venue attacked by some of the lousiest spammers in history.

Inside twitter, you can find direct messages featuring affiliate links. You have the robot accounts that work around the clock pounding anyone who was silly enough to follow with link after link after link. You have goons who self-promote to the point of nausea, balancing self-congratulatory Tweets with their sales page links. The bad list goes on.

So, unless you’re marketing to other marketers via Twitter, you are going to have to come up with a much better and far more trustworthy approach than the spammers and clowns that have already started to poison the cool Twitter environment.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s very possible to do just the opposite. If you’re using Twitter the “right” way, you can overcome a built-in bias against internet marketers.

Find out the right way of marketing with Twitter.

Now that twitter traffic is rising, marketing on twitter is gaining popularity as well. This makes perfect sense. Twitter followers provide a targeted audience for someone using twitter for business.

How to use twitter for marketing requires that you know more about twitter. Some strategies for maketing products on the internet just doesn’t always work on twitter.

Unfortunately, not knowing what type of marketing strategy on twitter fails could lead people just to waste time on twitter and end up not making money.

Let me mention at least ways that twitter marketers use often but which ensure they don’t make a dime via twitter.

There’s this automatic “thanks for following” message with an affiliate link trailing on it. This is just a complete disaster. Only a handful twitter users will bother to click on them. Why? Because those automatic direct messages are one of the most hated aspects for ordinary twitter followers.

Then there are those people who use the scattershot approach of following just anybody
on twitter. They think that following a billion people is the best way to go because it can get them a ton of reciprocal followers. They just don’t understand how to use twitter for business. The magic of Twitter is its ability to help you find a targeted audience. The scattershot approach doesn’t pay off worth a hoot.

And lastly, are you one of those twitter users who pound your followers with your links every ten minutes like clockwork? I bet you’re not too happy with your sales, are you? You have to understand the mindset of Twitter users and why that technique can’t get the best results.

Discover what works best for marketing in twitter. Learning marketing secrets of twitter is really quite engaging.

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