Internet Marketing – A Fine Distinction

It’s already the end of October, and not a single post can be read on this blog. So it’s time to document something before this month of 2008 slips away forever.

From my own vantage point, a lot has been learned and a significant portion has been accomplished. It was the middle of June 2008 when I first uploaded the first page of my first website. It was a one liner with a header graphic that says “site under construction”.  Nothing more.

Before the middle of this year, I have not written any html page of my own much less create a website. I didn’t  know then the distinction between a static site and a dynamic page.  I didn’t have any knowledge whatsover about php nor have I tried for myself an ftp upload to a server.  All the basics of online dynamics, although not so alien in semantics, were all virgin territories waiting to be explored.

But by early October, before I went on a two-week trip to Europe and after I uploaded
the latest version of my site, I just typed on the google search page my first primary keyword. It is always better to know  where in google’s search page my site will land.  Possibly either in the 100th page or with an  nth million rank. Those were my thoughts.

It was a great pleasant surprise to see and read my web pages landing in the first and second places of more than 70 million pages for my primary keyword. Thought it was a fluke and had it checked in Germany a few days later but the google search page results were the same!

Not bad. Hence this long-planned vacation to Europe appeared like a prize from  myself; some celebration of sorts! Even though the trip was really planned early in the year and long before I made the website. And this ranking persists to this day, the end of this month, even though none of the individual pages of my first website has gotten any pagerank on them yet.

It’s not totally a mystery though. Some standard factors help explain this phenomena. Like google analytics and other basics.  Hence surely, some tutorial pages or how to pages will come out of this knowledge for my community of hard-core internet marketing beginners like myself.  And especially for those hesitant beginners who should be convinced to go into internet marketing sooner rather than later.

Talking about internet marketing, for a layman, it just means selling something, anything on the internet. I now learn that veterans, including those of the “guru” status, qualify the term. In contrast to marketing physical products on the internet, i.e. those we consume like food we eat or gadgets we use,  internet marketing basically means marketing digital products laser-targeted to beginners who want to know how make money online.

I also learned that making money online does not necessarily mean selling through your own website. Like affiliate marketing can be done without a website of one’s own.

It did not take me long  to conclude for myself that selling products or services for internet marketing beginners  is the most competitive of all the internet markets. It’s basically because this is where the internet marketing “gurus” conglomerate.  The next or would-be gurus also have another conglomeration of their own. How can the beginners penetrate their core?  What can internet beginners do apart from buying their products?

Well, and fortunately so, it’s not all a bane to engage in internet marketing for beginners. Simply because they say some millions of people have already made decent money online and the next turn could be for any of us. And especially for those of us who are determined and persistent to learn the trade of internet marketing.

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