Powerful, Free Google Website Tracking

Site tracking and analysis is possibly the last thing that a new webmaster considers when putting up a website for the first time. But it’s a mistake that should correct immediately if you want to improve your site and grow your business online so you can begin earning money on the internet right away.

Google analytics is a powerful yet free tracking service offered by Google. It allows you to track your visitors and the way they interact with your website. For example where they come from, what search engine they are using or the keywords they type in finding your site and where they go after landing on a webpage on your site. Google analytics thus gives you the basis for understanding behaviour of your website visitors down to the most detailed level.

Google Analytics is also really easy to set up. All you need to do is paste a few lines of JavaScript into your sites webpages. Once you have Google Analytics set up, the rest is taken care of by Google. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore once it is set up. Just log in and look at the statistics it has gathered from your site. In just a few hours after the set up, you can get some results already.

Website tracking by Google Analytics enables you to identify the pages and links on your website where visitors click on most. You will get to know which webpage they spend most of their time and what keywords they wrote on the search engine to arrive at your site.

Analytics data also include visitor segmentation. It classifies new users from returning website visitors and the country and city where they come from. It also has ecommerce tracking features enabled and allows you to split test which features on your webpage has resulted in a conversion. Website tracking and analytics data thus provides you with a good basis if you want your site to be redesigned or modified in order to attract more visits or how to do better marketing online for your products.

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