Internet Marketing Strategies for Beginners

There was a time when the internet was still very new and not so many people have heard of what the world wide web was all about.  And there was this guy who went out of his way to tell people the power of the internet.

It basically became his mission to convince people that even in non-urban areas it is technically easy to hook up to the internet.   And once you are connected, a whole new world opens up for you. An online world unsurpassed in terms of information and communications exchange.

Today, broad-band internet connection is becoming the norm in cities of even third-world countries.  It makes us wonder what the internet guy would be telling everyone now.  He could be telling us: you should be blogging! Or he could be asking: why are you not  into internet marketing? Not only making money online but marketing your ideas online…

Internet marketing has become a quite fascinating subject to us.
It has spanned such a growing industry which for the most part, is pollution-free. No manufacturing plants. No greenhouse gases-emitting equipment that destroy the environment.  Just ideas, talents, and hard work plus the internet.

We imagine this kind of business or industry does not depend on the government or any other entity. Once you have the infrastructure called the internet, it is basically limitless.

But is there a useful strategy for a complete beginner to go into internet marketing? The kind of online marketing that provides not only residual income but a primary source of living  for the large population?

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