Types of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a term that may also refer to enhancing the amount and the quality of traffic of a website. Basically any search engine, and here Google is the most common of examples, performs its search and displays a page with lots of websites that contain the information you are looking for. The better the results that the engine comes up with, the better the search engine optimization is. Also, if the found and displayed pages have higher rankings, this equals with a higher number of users, and thus better traffic. Search engine optimization could cover different aims depending on the initial purpose of the engine; it can target images, local data, industry, and many more other fields of interest. If you were to search for search engines, you may find that they are grouped into categories with targets varying from general interest to legal or medical matters.

SEO: an online marketing strategy

Search engine optimization has now become an online marketing strategy. How has that been done? Well, it is important to know what people are looking for, what kind of information they want to find. Once you have taken that into account, optimization of the site follows and this is carried out by editing or modifying the content of the page so that relevant and looked for key words are included in it. Search engines also perform indexing, hence, the search engine optimization of the site also means eliminating the barriers meant specifically to prevent your page from getting indexed by a search engine.

White hat  SEO  is preferred

Search engine optimization should also be perceived in terms of technique that is used to perform the search. Some strategies are fine while others are considered aggressive or disloyal and have been banned by search engines. In addition to approving and disapproving of, search engine optimization also includes downplaying the effect of those techniques that are considered bad in design. We can identify two categories of search engine optimization: the white hat category represents sites with a good friendly design while the black hat tends to be avoided by many. Search engine optimization may lead to it becoming a white hat since the results that it produces last longer. This optimization can achieve a net distinction between white hat and black hat engines. The former will have constant and consistent results every time the same information is searched, while with the black hat search engines have gaps in the page rankings and other inconveniences due to the illegal practices used to create and promote the web sites.

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