Community-based internet marketing: Where to begin

Given a broadband internet connection that is reasonably priced, what prevents you from  embarking on an internet marketing venture?  What is needed for you to take action on this 24/7 resource which is crying out for your consideration?

You know that the internet is here to stay; with thousands of users all over the world added to it everyday. Not only is new knowledge being generated and transmitted over the internet.  You also see evolving social networks whose communication and interaction modalities transcend political, cultural and even demographic boundaries.

The key to take action is to recognize that indeed internet marketing offers a spectrum of business opportunities not only for individuals but also for a group or community.   Any product or service can be exchanged at any time of the day or night and the only basic  infrastructure requirement is an internet connection. Given this, the possibilities are endless.

The first action steps

A complete beginner would ask: how does one go about internet marketing for the first time?   The answer is probably  the  same whether an individual or a group or a community does it.  Fortunately, the first steps are  rather straightforward, although may seem  overwhelming at first to a beginner.

Whoever the guru is that you ask, almost invariably he or she would mark the following tasks as the basic action steps towards internet marketing:

1.  Choose a domain name and register it.
2.  Create your website and choose the right, reliable web host and .
3.  Create unique content regularly that pertains to your product or service.
4.  Drive traffic to your site.
5.  Monetize.

All of the above sound simple but there are admittedly many tasks and even sub-tasks involved for each step. And a number are rather technical in nature e.g. website creation – if you begin from scratch.  But these pose no problem for a community.  These tasks can easily be distributed to the right persons who are able, if not trained to do these tasks.

Passive or active income?

Although the basic tasks are necessarily the same,  the end point is drastically different.

If you will engage in internet marketing in its classic sense, your ultimate
goal is to get as much passive income as possible.  Hence, most if not all online activities  are geared towards maximizing passive or automatic income through your website.

For a community-based internet marketing venture however,
while passive income is welcome, this may  not be the main goal.

Community Wish List: Active Income

For a community, your vision is to have busybodies who are enabled and committed to give and receive values through active interaction.
Therefore to create and disseminate values through community action, income from active interaction is your main goal.

We envision people interacting in real time and each one is receiving value through the active exchange of ideas, experiences and aspirations – as they occur.   Of course, this will operate only on the basis of mutual respect and trust since each person has a different set of norms and values.

How to find the online market that favours exchanging values through active community interaction?

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