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Load Your Website Fast

Loading your website fast is a must. Normally your website visitors don’t have the patience to stick with your website and wait for it to load completely. Your website may have the perfect look,  but if your  site takes too long to load, the visitor will click “Stop” or “Back” and leave your  web site forever.  There are lots of alternative websites to choose from anyway.

For visitors to make a good impression of your site, the time it takes to load your site is as critical as your overall website design.  Time after all is an essential element to everyone. Who would want delay when you can have prompt results with other websites?

What therefore, are the things to consider when creating and developing your website?

Firstly, just remember that not everyone has a T1, DSL or cable modem  connection to the internet.  Though they are getting to be in the minority, there are still some who are on dial-up connection.  Thus, your web design has to make sure that your website loads as fast as possible.

Secondly, the bandwidth is an important factor. Therefore multimedia formats are critical to the loading time of your site. Sound files, especially .wav files requires some bandwidth in order to load. Videos can also be more demanding to loading a site. If it is unnecessary or if you have other alternatives to multimedia, then, do not use it. If ever it is very important to have them in your site, limit the size – that’s your last alternative.

Big images could also mean big loading problem. You can either limit your use of huge images or else reduce their size.  In order to reduce them, use simple and smaller dimensions.  You can do this by resizing or compressing your images without sacrificing the quality.  There are several free sources on the internet that will show you how to do this easily.

Yahoo! Developer Network has outlined the best practices for speeding up your web site. It has identified 34 best practices divided into 7 categories for making web pages load fast.  Some of these techniques can be implemented easily and it would be well for you to test your site and know how it fares when it comes to loading time.


Make Money At Home Through Blogs

Besides the chance to speak one’s mind freely, blogs have been discovered to serve for business purposes too, as they represent a good way to make money at home. Not too many online money making perspectives look as bright as blog creation, so let’s give them a little attention. Here are some techniques to use in case you want to turn a blog into a make money at home option.

Sell advertising at home

Selling advertising is one first way to make money at home. You can lease or sell some blog space to users who advertise products that have similarities with the content of your site. Google Adsense sets the rules for such business options as the blog owner gets paid every time an ad gets clicked on the page. Learn a few things about Google Adsense before trying to make money with it.  Continue reading


Free Home Based Business

There is nothing new about starting a free home based business; this tendency to work on the electronic market has been around for some twenty years now if we take into consideration the fantastic growth rate of the Internet. Yet, in the times of economic crisis that we are all facing, many people look for independent money making solutions that generate revenue without bringing being dependent on one employer or another. Thus to the already high popularity of Internet jobs, we need to add a new level of security necessary for employees who cannot rely on their real-life jobs any more.

Free business: zero or low initial investment required

Therefore, now more than ever people need free home based business ideas to start over. To clarify the concept, by free home based business we generally refer to the possibility to start a business without any or low initial investment, and the term generally refers to online activities that don’t take money out of your pocket to start. Skill remains the all mighty necessity, experience in the activity field he or she aims at and time available to search for business opportunities and grow the business once it gets started. The communication, marketing and accounting tools can be found and downloaded online, and the work process is greatly optimized thanks to the high operation speed. Continue reading


Business For Sale

In many expert’s opinion entrepreneurship has a high degree of risk, and the needs to maximize the security of the investment is to have solid info about the business for sale and its financial status. This confidence that you’d make a good deal has its price if we consider the fact that such investments are usually higher than in the situation when the business was bankrupt or in high debts. Moreover, it takes more out of the pocket to buy a business than to actually start it. The real process behind such a transaction has very complex mechanisms that have to be checked and investigated so that no problems occur.

Examine first before buying

Before searching for any business for sale, it is important to know what you want. How experienced are you in that business? Will you devote all of your time to the business? Can you be totally committed to it? How cool-tempered are you in tough situations? Can you handle the financial risk that comes with the purchase of a business for sale ? Full awareness of the reasons that motivate you to buy the business remains another key factor of the purchase equation. Some people want to find a business for sale to practice a hobby in the spare time or after retirement, others want to give a kick to their competition and last but not least, many entrepreneurs look for an opportunity to get in control of their career. Continue reading


Examine Home Based Business Opportunities

Although we have all heard about home based business scams, credulity still remains an issue as many people can’t believe it could happen to them. There are as many scams as there are ideas and opportunities to make money at home and most of the dangers lurk on the Internet. Here are a few things that should ring a bell to you avoid scams and scammers when working online.

First of all, never believe the promise of incredible fortune with minimum effort and very little investment. Plus, they claim that one needs no work experience to earn the money. However, none of these sites will actually tell you what you need to do in order to make the money; you have to either pay a fee to download a magic guide or call on a phone number for more details. Continue reading