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Useful strategies to develop for profitable website marketing

Faster Website Loading Time

Fast website load time is one important factor that contributes to the success of a site. Yet this fact is usually forgotten by web designers planning for a perfect website design.

If the goal of your website design is to engage your web visitors to remain in your site as long as possible, it essential that your website should load fast. Nothing taxes your web visitor’s patience as when they have to wait for a long time for your website to load.

Fortunately, you can make improvements on your website loading time without the assistance of your web designers. This is because it’s also easy to find solutions on the internet on how to solve this problem.

For some months, my website really suffered from slow load time. How do I know? Well, I installed the YSlow  plugin on my browsers and run the tests on my webpages. The tests showed a Grade D where the highest is Grade A. It was a dismal website loading time performance which badly needed improvement.

As a consequence of the slow loading time, the number of visitors to my website dwindled. Again, how do I know this?  Well, Google Analytics, if installed on your site, will easily tell you how many visitors made it to your site on any time period. There are a good number of measurements as well that Google Analytics will tell you about the performance of your site.

Google Webmaster Tool Loading Time Measurements

But as far as website loading time is concerned, the best measuring device is provided by the Google Webmasters Tools. This service always provides me with a very nice picture showing the speed of downloading the pages from one of my websites in one time period of 90 days:

Speed of Downloading a Webpage in Site A

For some time previously, it took as long as 4.7 sec to download a webpage to Google servers. But currently, it now takes less than a second to download that same webpage on average. This is right after I made changes to my website as can be seen clearly in the above figure.

This second figure below shows the time spent downloading a page on another blog. I made the same changes in this blog as in the above website. Happily,  I was able to get the same improvement on the speed of downloading my websites. Though this is impressive, there are still many rooms for improvement and I’m going to report more on this later.

Speed of Downloading a Webpage in Blog A

By the way, in case you have not yet installed Google Analytics or the Google Webmasters Tools in your websites, make use of these fabulous services. Best of all, both of these website tools are provided free of charge. Make the best use of these web tools while they are free to use.

How to Speed Up Your Website

The time it takes for your website to load can make or break a visitor’s first impression of your site. Loading your website fast is critical in maintaining the number of visitors to your website; apart from its having a perfect web design.

If your online business is one which is offering people important information, it is critical to have a great website design, but it should have a quick load time as well.

It is easy to check out the load time of your webpage, so that you’ll become aware if your site loads quick enough for the average user.  Cable, T1 and DSL internet connections may have become widely  available these days. But still there are still many people who are using dial up 56K internet connections.

A free resource that informs you of the loading time of your webpage is found at Enter your site and the tool displays a report on the time it takes to load your site based on different speeds or types of  internet connection. In addition, there are other useful tips given in this resource in order to decrease the load time of your website.

Upon doing a speed test, if your homepage takes a long time to load in the visitor’s browser, it is in your best interest to do some web redesigning to decrease load time. A minimum load time definitely increases the number of your visitors that will not click back on the browser. So as not to lose potential visitors to your site, web designers should also ensure that the webpages will load quickly.

Text may also contribute significantly to the loading time if you have a large amount of HTML code. But this may not be as significant as when you have a number of pictures on your site.  Limit the large sized graphics on your web sites if you can.

Images, sounds and animations are the major menaces to download time.  While these enhance the attractiveness of your website, they may also take up a lot of time to load. Avoid large sized files, if you can. Many images can be optimized in order to take up less space, and download more quickly. Many image editors such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro can perform these tasks.

Sounds and videos take up most time to load because these are  large files; normally from 100 KB to 1 MB in size or larger. Someone surfing a 500K video file on a 56K modem  internet connection, will wait some 90 seconds upwards to complete. This is a big turn off for these type of users.  So keep these files to a fairly small size, or avoid if possible if most of your website visitors are not using broadband internet connections.

The other very useful and free resource is Yahoo! YSlow. A Firefox add-on, YSlow analyzes and grades web pages. It  suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. After  running YSlow on your webpages you will see a summary of the page’s components and all the statistics for that webpage. It will then offer suggestions for improving the page’s performance and provides tool for optimizing web page image files and other optimization tools.

I ran YSlow on my webpages and I followed its suggestions and optimization tips. With the new optimization, I was able to reduce the loading time of my webpages significantly. As a result, the number of visitors to my sites have increased consistently by almost  a hundred percent since then.

Measures Leading to Sales Results

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Successful marketing is more than slick campaigns and careful packaging. To truly lead a company and its product or products to the pinnacle of success, holistic measures must be taken. From the company’s image right down to the point of purchase advertising, everything must resonate with the consumer.

Marketing efforts that really resonate with consumers tend to reach them in ways that are seemingly subtle, but very powerful nonetheless. They reach out and connect with people on a subconscious level, motivating them to act with their spending money.

A restaurant chain that wants to launch a new “must try” product might first draw on the image it has carefully produced for its corporate name. If marketing has been successful in the past, the restaurant will be a trusted entity in the minds of consumers. This in and of itself will often be enough to get consumers to give a new menu item a go.

The restaurant, however, will not rely on its image alone. It will employ other measures to market the new product as one that satisfies hunger, refreshes or even puts smiles on people’s face. It might even choose to sell the item by selling an emotion with the food product making a cameo appearance in commercials.

The efforts will work in most cases because a holistic approach has been taken. The restaurant has a trusted image so its new product must be a good purchase to make. Consumers will reason this out and then respond with their orders.

Learning how to market a product from the corporate image right down to the item packaging itself takes study and skill. When the secrets behind successful efforts are understood and studied, success will naturally follow.

This revolutionary internet marketing course is built on this foundation and promises results.

What Makes People Buy Stuff?

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There’s a product that is truly sound and works just like it supposed to do. But nobody is buying it. They pass by the product which you think is best and purchase instead an equivalent substandard item. How come?

Just what is it that drives people to buy from a competing source?

There are a number of things that can motivate people to gravitate toward one product over another. These motivating factors convince people to purchase an item even if it is not truly the best or it doesn’t even offer the best value for their money.

When people make purchases they are generally influenced by any of these things:

  • True needs – People buy products and services to fulfill real needs for food, shelter, clothing and so on.
  • Perceived needs – Some products appeal to people by targeting their perceived needs. They make them believe they cannot get by without X product in their homes or offices.
  • Pure wants and desires – Consumers are also highly motivated by products that appeal to their personal desires. When product A offers value and quality but product B speaks to a deep desire, chances are it is product B that will sell.

You can learn the secrets to appealing to people on the level that truly motivates them to buy and your marketing efforts will pay off a great deal. Check out how you can get this revolutionary internet marketing course that teaches you how to market your products this way.

Emotions Make The Sales

Purchase a particular brand of cereal or hotdog and your children will think you’re the best parent ever.

Use a specific shampoo or shaving product and you’ll exude sex appeal.

Shop at a certain department store and you’ll enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.

Logic dictates that these things simply are not so, but marketing campaigns that work are built around these concepts and they are successful.

People buy into these advertisements and prove it with their expenditures of choice all the time.

Why is it that these marketing campaigns work even for average products when more reasonable, yet traditional advertising methods might fall short?

The answer lies on a well-known fact of human nature. People buy based on their emotions and justify it based on reasons.

It is a fact that marketing campaigns that appeal to people on an emotional, or subconscious, level can have a huge impact. Logic may tell consumers one thing, but their emotions will drive them forward to act any way.

It seems that most people are simply programmed to respond to certain cues. When the triggers for these cues are tripped through marketing campaigns or other efforts, people will act positively.

Unfortunately, how to market successfully in this manner is that easy to learn. If they were, every product out there would be a top seller.

But when the right strategies are understood and put in place, however, marketing campaigns based on the power of emotional appeals can topple over the competition.

This revolutionary internet marketing course promises to change the way savvy people market their products forever on the internet. Especially if you are an internet marketing beginner, you may want to take on this new course available for free on a 30-day trial period.