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How to Speed Up Your Website

The time it takes for your website to load can make or break a visitor’s first impression of your site. Loading your website fast is critical in maintaining the number of visitors to your website; apart from its having a perfect web design.

If your online business is one which is offering people important information, it is critical to have a great website design, but it should have a quick load time as well.

It is easy to check out the load time of your webpage, so that you’ll become aware if your site loads quick enough for the average user.  Cable, T1 and DSL internet connections may have become widely  available these days. But still there are still many people who are using dial up 56K internet connections.

A free resource that informs you of the loading time of your webpage is found at
http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/. Enter your site and the tool displays a report on the time it takes to load your site based on different speeds or types of  internet connection. In addition, there are other useful tips given in this resource in order to decrease the load time of your website.

Upon doing a speed test, if your homepage takes a long time to load in the visitor’s browser, it is in your best interest to do some web redesigning to decrease load time. A minimum load time definitely increases the number of your visitors that will not click back on the browser. So as not to lose potential visitors to your site, web designers should also ensure that the webpages will load quickly.

Text may also contribute significantly to the loading time if you have a large amount of HTML code. But this may not be as significant as when you have a number of pictures on your site.  Limit the large sized graphics on your web sites if you can.

Images, sounds and animations are the major menaces to download time.  While these enhance the attractiveness of your website, they may also take up a lot of time to load. Avoid large sized files, if you can. Many images can be optimized in order to take up less space, and download more quickly. Many image editors such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro can perform these tasks.

Sounds and videos take up most time to load because these are  large files; normally from 100 KB to 1 MB in size or larger. Someone surfing a 500K video file on a 56K modem  internet connection, will wait some 90 seconds upwards to complete. This is a big turn off for these type of users.  So keep these files to a fairly small size, or avoid if possible if most of your website visitors are not using broadband internet connections.

The other very useful and free resource is Yahoo! YSlow. A Firefox add-on, YSlow analyzes and grades web pages. It  suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. After  running YSlow on your webpages you will see a summary of the page’s components and all the statistics for that webpage. It will then offer suggestions for improving the page’s performance and provides tool for optimizing web page image files and other optimization tools.

I ran YSlow on my webpages and I followed its suggestions and optimization tips. With the new optimization, I was able to reduce the loading time of my webpages significantly. As a result, the number of visitors to my sites have increased consistently by almost  a hundred percent since then.

My Summary of Web Design Concepts

There are plenty of concepts to learn about website design and several useful strategies to develop its intended purpose.

Knowledge of a good web design is of basic importance when you are building or creating your own website. And even if you are a real beginner with limited knowledge in basic html and php programming languages, still you would like to know the basics of how to create a website like a professional.

Successful website creation means that the website is serving its online goals. If it was built to provide an internet presence for your business, the website is geared toward high web traffic as its goal. If this is so, the website should have seo optimization built-in the design itself.

You should also make sure that website development process is supported by your design. Website creation, as you know, is not a static procedure but a dynamic, on-going process. Choosing a website design that matches development needs well into the future is a must for any website owner.

Clearly the objective for everyone seeking a profitable, long-term online presence is to create the perfect web design. This means many things. Your perfect web design is one where the layout is unique and attractive to users. This also means that its content is informational and useful to its readers.

Not only does the web design make it appealing to your visitors but it should also make it more popular to web surfers and search engines alike. In short, to create the perfect web design means to match the various needs of your website and make it popular in the internet. Fortunately, many tools and resources exist both offline and online in order for you to know the perfect design for your website.

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Create Perfect Web Design

Create the Perfect Web Design

So how can one say that a web design is a perfect match to the website that you would like to create? You might as well be thinking what web design would best contribute for making your website more popular to the internet.

The outcome of a good website that has been created would actually be depending on the web design company that you prefer. Various web design companies includes various features on their software or an added service that they offer their clients. What is definitely important for you to look into is the ability of the software or the web designer to produce a website that is SEO optimized for an enhanced website content feature.

Good web design features

A good web design doesn’t only rely on the layout and the background of page itself but it should as well comply with the standard format that would draw regular viewers to the site itself and it should have content that is definitely informational. When we say informational it should include all aspects that pertain to your business venture or for whatever purpose is your website for.

Having a web content that came with your own words is very important, in fact, it is necessary. if you will be able to have original content for your website, you’re uniqueness will be highly appreciated by the public.

What is important in your own web design is that you keep your own logo and your texts and articles are all original. In terms of logo’s, you should be able to create one that reveals what your business is all about. Internet users will be able to know you via your logo and be able to get more viewers who are interested in what you offer.

The following would be included in your web design web content and this includes texts, images and photo’s that are necessary to make your website interesting. You don’t actually have to be over informative when it comes to the content of your website. The simple your texts are and the more straight to the point it goes the more people would like reading it.

Having this information at hand in terms of web design, you should now be able to determine what a web design can do for your online business. To learn more about creating the best web design, log on to the internet and try doing a little research on your own, you’ll find a lot of ideas that you can use in designing your own website.