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Analyse Website Traffic For Success

For online marketing success, website traffic analysis is one important key. The numbers, charts and graphs provided by your website tracking software are invaluable in answering basic marketing questions. Questions such as how to optimize your ads,  increase click through rate or even how to reduce advertising costs and maximize return on investments.

Google analytics is one of the best solution as far as collecting and interpreting website traffic statistics data are concerned. It provides ease of utility, richness and depth of analysis. You are easily able to make editorial, navigational and page design decisions to boost your site’s traffic and effectiveness with the data that Google analytics gives you. Besides, it is a totally free service and comes full of complete documentation and tutorials.

Website Traffic Analysis

Website tracking analysis is all about understanding the behavior of your visitors when they arrive at your site. Knowing where your website visitors come from, how they found your website and how they interact with your content can eliminate all guesswork. This provides a quantitative tool for tracking and measuring the success of your online marketing efforts.

Google analytics provide data extensive data such as number of unique and repeat or new visitors as well as from the particular city or country they came from. The total number of visits and pageviews your site attained for any given period are among those given in the analytics data. Also how long they stayed in your site and the bounce rate which reveals the number of visitors  who left your site immediately after landing in one webpage.  The bounce rate indeed is one of the most useful indicators when considering to revise or design your webpages.

The webtraffic data that google analytics provides also tell you which search engine your website visitors came from and what search phrases or keywords they were using to find your site. Do you want to know which of your webpages are the most popular? And which links in your webpages got clicked by your visitors? Install google analytics and all these see for yourself.

Why Analyse Web Traffic

With these website analytics data, you can then decide when to change or redesign your site. And also measure the effects of the changes you have made. By knowing a lot about your visitors, you can optimize your advertising efforts especially if you are doing pay-per-click advertising. An important added functionality is that Google analytics  can be integrated with your Adwords account. As a result you can easily  get various ROI metrics and track your marketing efforts for more online profits.

Simple SEO Solutions For Webmasters

Ordinary SEO solutions for ordinary webmasters

Owning and handling a web site is not such an easy task. And search engine optimization alone is a pretty challenging job for most. If you want your website to survive in the very competitive world of internet marketing, you need to make it more popular, accessible and wanted for the information it contains. There a lot of times where you would employ paid advertising, like pay-per-click advertising, to get customers. However, most people prefers free traffic through search engine optimization to get their clients for the long term.

One measure of the popularity of your web pages is the page rank. And if you install the google toolbar in your web browser, immediately you can see the pagerank of any website you visit. The page rank tells one how many people access the site in a certain period of time. The lower the traffic you get, the less popularity and this could impact the online revenue you will obtain. And this is where the SEO solution comes into the picture.

Since majority of website visitors employ search engine to get to what they want, search engines now dominate the internet landscape. Your website thus has to be friendly for both search engines and web searchers.
A ready-made SEO solution is often provided by a professional SEO expert. But even if you are a typical beginner in online marketing who is also a webmaster yourself, you can come up with innovations, strategies and methods to boost up the site performance without paying someone else to do it for you.

Free SEO solutions

You can be grateful that the internet itself is full of useful information about SEO solutions. There are many informative websites that give SEO techniques for free. There are even forums that exists and virtual magazines which you can subscribe to and profit from their tested SEO solutions. The next big thing is for you to implement these strategies.

Experts often warn about the difficulty to operate site optimization not to mention that it is a constant job. However there are others who will declare that implementing one SEO solution or another is not very difficult and can be done by yourself without having to pay somebody else. A document to prove this is the SEO guide and tutorial put out recently by Google which shows that good SEO solutions are within reach of the ordinary webmaster. The only thing you need to take into account is your time.

Do-it-yourself SEO

When we talk about a viable SEO solution, the thing to focus on is the DO-IT-YOURSELF option. The expression actually refers to the fact that you do not need to rely constantly on somebody to do something you are able to carry out on your own with a little bit of training. So go on and apply one SEO solution or another depending on what optimization method may work best for your web site.

Don’t trust rumors that at the end of the SEO process, there is not much left to do. There is constant work and an increasing need to keep up to date with the changes on the market and with the search engines themselves . Optimization should be performed all the time and as we have seen, should cover the design of the website too. Some SEO specialists seems to ignore certain aspects of your web site and the partners you work with, that is why the best SEO solution is to become well- informed. Train yourself well in order to take search engine optimization tasks under your control and do the best optimizing job for your site.